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caring more about animals than humans is not a sign of empathy, it is a way to distance yourself from problems that makes you uncomfortable.

when you talk about the treatment of animals and say “what if this was done to humans!?” remember that this was, or still is done to humans.

I have zero patience for people who prioritize Veganism over anti-racism and feminism

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hey y’all, please consider participating anonymously or otherwise. there are so many complex reasons victims/survivors do not report, and i want to help create space for us to feel empowered in sharing them.

you can submit anonymously here (anon asks are on) or using your twitter handle through the hashtag <3

i won’t be posting anything submitted via tumblr in the hashtag until monday 4/14 at 7pm, but you’re welcome to begin submitting now. i’ve already seen a few that are breaking my heart. you are all powerful beyond measure.

another quick clarification: tumblr’s submit option for non-users asks for a name and email address but you can give fakes for both of those—and either way i would never share them.

Cersei and Joffrey's relationship : books VS show


There is a lot of criticism we can make (and have been made) about HBO’s show; something that is not enough highlighed, in my opinion, is how it screwed Cersei and Joffrey’s relationship.

(P.S: there is good things too, it’s not all bad)

Let me be clear: I have no affection for…


tips for feeling more comfortable in your body (aka tips for inhabiting a body)

  • touch your own body as you would touch your lover
  • don’t stop yourself from smiling 
  • take pictures of your body, don’t delete them
  • practice being naked without worrying about your angles
  • practice wearing whatever you want, even if it’s just in your bedroom (then maybe in your backyard, then maybe with a close friend, then maybe with a few friends, then maybe to a party)
  • when you react negatively to other people’s bodies, stop and ask yourself why you’re feeling that way
  • constantly seek to unlearn the body hate you feel for others

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but you know what the real message of beautiful women falling in love with unconventional-looking men is right

men are more than their looks and should be appreciated for their inner beauty

we don’t have a million stories about beautiful, rich, handsome, sweet, total package men falling in love with every day women in mainstream media because every day women are not worth more than their looks

we have these stories in fandom, though

but they’re the most hated stories of all, the stories we deride as ‘self-inserts’ and ‘mary sue ocs’

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But the funny thing about that is we (as readers/viewers) sometimes miss out on information that might have been interesting. The author didn’t think it was, but fans? Most fans will soak up content like a sponge (see: LotR extended editions, cutscenes, etc). And so we’re likely to ask ridiculous questions like “What is laundry day like at Avengers Tower?” - not because it’s important to the narrative, but because we’re curious.

Not to mention: every narrator is an unreliable narrator. Especially the ones who seem the most straightforward. Which means there are a wealth of stories not being told hiding right behind the story that is.

Which, I think, gives an inkling of the primary difference between original fic and fanfic: original fic is declarative, saying “here is the story, these are the important events and characters and aspects of the world,” while fanfic is exploratory (even when it’s got a cracking good plot).

Fanfic exists in the interstices, in the ellipses and the enjambment. Fanfiction exists in the moment before the wave function collapses.



there are sjws out there that make a great deal of effort of protecting their bigotry and going about saying “when i say i hate straight/cis/white/ people/males i don’t mean i hate all straight people i hate the oppression”


if you don’t mean it don’t fucking say it

you know that that’s not what you’re trying to say and instead of phrasing it to make it so that people don’t get mad at you you just go “oh i didn’t mean this and blah blah blah”

it’s your fucking fault that you said such bullshit in the first place

stop blaming others for your inability to say what you really mean

Fuck it, I’m feeling educational today. 

There’s this thing that none of you seem to know about called metonymy and it’s where you use a whole to stand in for a part. To give you an example, metonymy would be when someone says, “Washington is so corrupt these days,” and you understand that they do not mean that  every citizen of Washington, D.C., or even every congressperson in Washington, D.C. is completely morally bankrupt, and that they are actually talking about the idea of Washington, D.C. and the structure that is in place being corrupt. When “America” goes to war, every single American does not simultaneously take up arms. When “the internet” attacks someone, every person with an internet connection does not become a hivemind of anger aimed at an individual.

So when I say, “I hate straight people,” I am saying exactly what I mean. “I hate the system of oppression and homophobia that was set up by and benefits straights.” Metonymy. Boom.

But furthermore, it’s not even that I “hate the oppression” (although I do). I also hate those who are complicit, who benefit from a system that I can’t access, and when I demand entry, deny that they had any part of it or received any benefits, and tell me that I should make it the same way they did - without any help.

I do not care whether you get mad at me for saying that. I could not give a flying shit if that upsets you. I will say what I want to say and you will accept it, because as an ally that is your job.When you decided to call yourself an ally, you didn’t just sign up for the rainbow bracelets and the pretty gay marriage .gifs. You signed up to support the queer community and that means supporting queer people in what they say, feel and believe. Don’t blame me because you didn’t read the fine print.

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  • Guy: What do girls do at sleepovers?
  • Me: Pass the Bechdel test.